device (n.) c. 1300, devis, "intent, desire; an expressed intent or desire; a plan or design; a literary composition," from Old French devis "division, separation; disposition, wish, desire; coat of arms, emblem; a bequest in a will, act of bequeathing," from deviser "arrange, plan, contrive," literally "dispose in portions," from Vulgar Latin *divisare, frequentative of Latin dividere "to

An object that is required to complete a the task at hand, e.g. TV remote, mobile phone, condom, spliff Lockout-Tagout Interactive Training Program: Tutorial Lockout device: Any device that uses positive means, such as a lock, blank flanges and bolted slip blinds, to hold an energy-isolating device in a safe position, thereby preventing the energizing of machinery or equipment. Normal production operations: Utilization of a machine or equipment to perform its intended production function. Manually define and register a badge reader device

Apr 03, 2012

Let's look at how to use #define directives with numbers, strings, and expressions. Number. The following is an example of how you use the #define directive to define a numeric constant: #define AGE 10. In this example, the constant named AGE would contain the value of 10. String. You can use the #define directive to define a string constant

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