What’s a good internet download speed? It depends on how many people use your connection and what you do online. More people need more bandwidth. Generally, 5–10 Mbps per person will suffice. But if several people do a lot of HD streaming, you should think about 25 Mbps per person.

The good news is that internet speeds are improving. A recent study from internet speed-test company Ookla found that the average download speed increased by 37% for fixed home broadband What is a good internet speed? | WhistleOut 100Mbps / Premium Evening Speed is the fastest speed and the surest way to future proof your connection. Large families and share houses will make use of the capacity of this connection speed to get lots of people online at the same time. If you regularly download large files, these plans are also a … How do I interpret my WiFi speed test results? If you've used any of the free speed test tools out there (see Lifewire's updated list of the top free internet speed test sites), you'll likely recognize the terms Download, Upload, and Ping: Download: The time it takes to pull data, measured in megabits per second (Mbps). Upload: The time it takes to send data, measured in megabits per second What is a Good NBN Speed? Mbps and Download Speeds Explained

Jul 01, 2015

According to CordCutter, the average download speed for the United States is about 34Mbps. For mobile phone users, it is reported that they experience an average download speed of about 20Mbps. Download speed can be affected for a number of reasons, so don't be alarmed if you're download speed is severely below the average.

What is a good download speed? This depends on what you use the internet for. If you only use it to check your email for example, a speed of around 5Mbps is sufficient, but you’re probably using it for a lot more. Netflix says it takes 5Mbps to stream its HD content, while the …

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