1. Driver Issue 2. Mobile Hotspot DHCP not giving IP to PC 3. Antivirus Blocking

Solved: HP Spectre and iPhone6S won't connect - HP Support I can't get my HP Spectre 360 to recognise my iphone - either in iTunes or File Manager. I have tried different cables, different USB ports - nothing works. It does not recognise a device. I tried it on my old laptop and the phone is recognised instantly. 10 Best Ways to Fix Windows 10 Laptop Not Connecting to Oct 30, 2019

How to Fix Missing Personal Hotspot on iPhone

My laptop does not list hotspot in available networks May 04, 2018

Sep 19, 2019

Delete and Reconnect. Let’s try something simple first. Click on the Wi-Fi icon in the taskbar on your … No Personal Hotspot Option? Hotspot Disappeared? How To Oct 09, 2019 Why don't my computers detect my iPhone's personal wifi Jul 12, 2017