Nov 30, 2013

Because the RFC822 Name attribute of the certificate maps to the e-mail user attribute in the UME, Michael is able to log into the system. User Mapping Properties in the Policy Configuration. You can use any user mapping properties for the policy configuration, but some of these properties are not applicable to all login modules. 1056773 - sec_error_cert_not_in_name_space due violation However, other than that, we'll continue to reject malformed rfc822 name constraints, in particular ones of the form "", in order to conform to the spec. Hopefully this change will buy some time to allow for the replacement of the certificates with the malformed constraints. RFC 822 - STANDARD FOR THE FORMAT OF ARPA INTERNET …

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{rfc.822} This is an old name of rfc822-read-headers. This is kept for the backward compatibility. The new code should use rfc822-read-headers instead. Function: rfc822-header-ref header-list field-name :optional default {rfc.822} An utility procedure to get a specific field from the parsed header list, which is returned by rfc822-read-headers. rfc822 - Courier Mail Server

18.11. rfc822 — Parse RFC 2822 mail headers — Python 2.7

Smartcard logon with RFC822 Aug 22, 2012