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Has anything changed with Plusnet or downloading torrents 4. something else changed on my computer which altered "Apply rate limit to uTP connections" being ticked from a good thing to a bad thing. Interestingly, I only tried reinstalling / changing to 2.2.1 / looking for help on the internet because of the speed problem. Logically that means either answer 4 is the only solution, or there was a Make uTorrent/Bittorrent to use 100% of your download speed Jan 28, 2017

Could be that your torrent client is attempting to use more bandwidth than is available, in which case you can try setting your torrent client's upload and download limit to 75%-90% of your total internet's upload/download & see if that helps. Some people have mentioned the torrent client's cache could be an issue so maybe look there.

Download limit in 7.2.1 - Troubleshooting - BitTorrent Forums Aug 06, 2014

uTorrent ignoring upload limit : torrents

What does apply rate limit to utp connections/transport overhead do Ok so I have very slow internet. 16000 Kbps down/1000 Kbps up. If I upload pretty much anything, I get massive ping in online games and drastically slower internet overall.