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A router is also a device that connects two or more network segments, so what is the difference? A main factor to note is the fact that bridging takes place in the Data-link Layer of the OSI reference model. Routers, on the other hand, can be classified as packet exchanges or switches. They deal with packets of … Cascading or Connecting a Linksys router to another router Cascading is a term used when connecting a router to another router. This connection is done if you want to: Improve the performance of the network without removing your older router; Connect more devices (wired and wireless) NOTE: The wireless equivalent of cascading is called bridging. This method is officially supported only by selected Solved: Can my router do bridging? - Verizon Fios Community @madwhmax wrote:. It doesn't help and I will soon be switching to comcast, at least they let me use whatever router I want but I will give Verizon this last chance with router bridging, I will call Verizon tomorrow and see if they help me, I'm getting a linksys router from a friend tonight. Bridging router - Verizon Fios Community

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Bridging router = slower internet speeds? | AT&T Community Sep 07, 2015 Configuring Transparent Bridging - Cisco Configuring Transparent Bridging The Cisco IOS software bridging functionality combines the advantages of a spanning-tree bridge and a full multiprotocol router. This combination provides the speed and protocol transparency of an adaptive spanning-tree bridge, along with the functionality, reliability, and security of a router.

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